Substance abuse not only affects the addicted individual, but it can have negative effects on the family and friends as well. Addiction is a disease of isolation that frequently drives a wedge between the person suffering from a substance use disorder and their loved ones. You can lose income, miss work, face legal issues, incur medical bills, or experience undue stress if you suffer from addiction. Therefore, you need to find an effective addiction treatment program.

At Redemption Addiction Treatment Center, located in Wilmington, DE, our team is dedicated to providing you with the help you need. The disease of addiction can take everything from a person. It can cost them their livelihood and even their life. Call us today at 302-485-7278 to get started as you begin your journey on the path to recovery.

How do you know if a drug or alcohol treatment program is right for you?

If you feel that your substance use has caused serious disruption in your life, or your friends and family have expressed their worries that you are struggling with an addiction, then a substance abuse treatment program may be the best course of action. Redemption Addiction Treatment Center provides various levels of care to people suffering from a substance use disorder. We offer customized addiction treatment programs to address each person's unique needs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP stands for partial hospitalization program, which is more intensive than IOP (intensive outpatient) but still less extreme than full inpatient or residential rehab. As compared to IOP, it necessitates a greater number of visits and sessions per week. This dedication is similar to what would be expected of those in residential recovery, yet, unlike traditional treatment options, in PHP patients don't live at the center throughout their care; they have the liberty to decide their own housing accommodations.

The next step for anyone who has just finished rehab or residential treatment but is still not feeling “stable” is partial hospitalization. As an intermediary between residential and outpatient treatment, patients still receive a significant amount of support from the facility, but they can now access the outside world again. When patients return to their normal routine, PHP can help them adjust better.

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IOP Program

As our second highest level of care at Redemption, we offer intensive outpatient care (IOP). This program is designed for patients who have completed our partial hospitalization program. The IOP program is designed to provide a smooth transition from our highest level of care to daily life.

After completing the partial hospitalization program and you are no longer requiring a full-time program, IOP will provide a treatment schedule that is convenient for you to return to your everyday life.

Our IOP treatment includes:

  • Three hours of group therapy per day
  • One hour of individual therapy per week
  • 30 hours of case management services per week (or as needed),
  • One hour of medication management with our certified nurse practitioner bi-weekly (or as directed)
  • In our IOP program, we also offer individualized scheduling for your convenience.

Outpatient Program

The last level of care is outpatient care, which is designed to keep clients connected to positive support and encouraging people once they have returned to work, school, home, or simply because they need ongoing support.

One or two days per week are reserved for individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions in OP treatment. Until our clients are able to establish other healthy connections, we always encourage them to use us as their foundation for their recovery program. With our OP program, clients can stay in touch while accommodating their own busy schedules.

A virtual partial hospitalization program (PHP) is now available at Redemption Addiction Treatment Center, located in Wilmington, DE. People with mental health or substance abuse issues can benefit from our virtual partial hospitalization program as it offers a structured and highly supportive level of care.

In addition to individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions, Redemption Addiction Treatment Center offers case management to meet your individualized needs. An outpatient treatment program would be the next step after completing a medically assisted detox facility or an inpatient treatment program. Redemption's drug and alcohol treatment center may be a good fit for you, whether you live in sober living or at home and need treatment options.

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At Redemption Addiction Treatment Center, we are fully aware of the struggles associated with emerging from active addiction. We are here to be a beacon of hope as you take steps to transition from this difficult period in your life. Redemption Treatment Center is devoted to providing highly ethical care for those struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Our program takes into consideration love, education, experience and direction, applying leading-edge techniques in our treatments. If you or someone you know needs help in conquering a substance use disorder, reach out to us at (302) 485-7278 - we offer the chance of recovery!

Please do not hesitate to reach out for help if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. We can work with you to create a customized plan that will meet your needs.

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