Meet Brandon Novak

Our beginnings make us unique.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Brandon Novak was a skateboard prodigy. He was discovered by Tony Hawk at a young age and was able to travel the world as a professional skateboarder. Eventually, Brandon also rose to fame as an MTV celebrity. Although he appeared to have it all, behind the scenes, Brandon Novak’s life was falling apart from a heroin addiction. After more than 25 years of addiction, Brandon was finally able to get clean. He is now sharing his recovery story and helping others find sobriety as well.

Even though he enjoyed the heights of success as a champion skateboarder, movie & television personality, and a stuntman, Brandon Novak struggled with alcoholism and addiction since he was a teenager. His heroin addiction eventually left him friendless and homeless.

After many attempts to put his substance abuse behind him, Brandon was finally able to break free from the grip of his addiction in 2015. Since getting sober, Brandon Novak has been sharing his story to help others do the same. He travels the country as both a recovery advocate doing public speaking events as well as an interventionist staging private meetings. You can also read more about Brandon’s journey to sobriety in his books. Brandon’s testimonial is a powerful mission statement for his commitment to the recovery community.

If he can get sober, you can get sober.

Now more than four years later, Brandon Novak is sober, living in Philadelphia, and has turned his life around. He is the author of the best-selling memoir Dreamseller and has returned to the spotlight to share his story of recovery with others. He does speaking engagements all over the world and regularly makes media appearances.

Along with speaking out about his addiction and recovery journey, Brandon has become a recovery advocate for a multinational treatment center before opening Redemption. He works with all clients to show others that recovery is possible, and it is never too late. He has also become a Certified Intervention Professional to help people who are struggling to get their addicted loved ones into treatment.

If Brandon Novak can get sober, so can you.